Firmware release for stm32 / color version / Connections

There is a new version of the new colored firmware available. The controller is based on the stm32f4 disco board, shields can be bought in the shop.



To get full functionality you have to connect several “sensors”:

  • IR Receiver for a ir remote control
  • DHT sensor for temperature and humidity
  • PIR for detecting persons near the clock

See goDMD v2-Sensors pdf documentation on how to connect these sensors.

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2 Antworten auf Firmware release for stm32 / color version / Connections

  1. Francois-xavier bas sagt:

    Hi mister, i am interested in buying a run dmc clock with animations. I would like to know if it Is possible to buy one already mounted and provided with animations. I want to buy a 128×32 how much does it cost ? Can you assemble it yourself ?

    Thanks for explanations i wait your feedback

    • steve40 sagt:

      Hey Francois, you sure you want to buy a goDMD? There’s also a run dmd alternative clock out there. Just want to know which one you like.

      If goDMD I can arrange something and actually thinking of including a ready to go version in the shop. For now send me a pm.

      Thx Steve

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