This page lists all changes for firmware and tools related to goDMD clock and RasPinSound. If a version is marked with a “rc” postfix, it is not yet released, but listed changes will most likely be included in the upcoming version.

[GoDmd | RasPiSound]

Firmware godmd-stm32



  • added “true” color support (15 bit rgb)
  • web ui can now show serial and licensing information
  • service handler for wifi also works when in unregistered loop
  • support v3 ani files with frame compression

  • Bugfix for boards with internal rtc
  • PIR delay time is now configurable / also via web config
  • Support of internal flash file system
    • enables startup / running even without sd card installed
  • added default option.dat (settings), one font, one animation to internal file system
  • extended range for brightness (higher brightness)
  • added version check in web ui, that announces a new version automatically

  • fixed issue with dht sensor (was always disabled)
  • fixed date switch off config in web config
  • fixed issue with uart communication (B10/11 was not working at all)


Snapshot / RC Builds and Official Releases

Firmware RasPiSound



  • support for older data east
  • announcement of mode
  • improved WPC mode, handling of 0x6x cmds
  • bugfix in volume handling (ducking vs. jingle)
  • fixed handling of rotary encoder for data east
  • added output enable for latest pcb rev.
  • shaker support config: active high or low

  • playback & recording option
  • combined config file: config.raspisnd -> contains settings and hash mapping

  • DCS support (vendor = 5)
  • log level configurable
  • playback of recordings
  • various bugfixes

  • support for mapping files ‘config.raspisnd’ to map scrambled IDs to hardware ID from pinball machine
  • preload control can now be based on size, so only big ones get preloaded (save startup time & delay when loading on demand)
  • preload settings option: preload_threshold=XX size in byte for sample to get preloaed
  • no audio start option for tests and debug
  • more debug log output on start to detect audio problems
  • sound sets directories must no longer be numbers but arbitrary names

  • even more bugfixes for WPC (do not use 1.5 with WPC)
  • improved soundset switching with WPC
  • new config switches in raspisound.ini:
    • preload = 0: no preload of sounds at all
    • vendor = X: controls vendor 0=DataEast, 1=WPC
  • introduced shuffle mode, where soundset changes automatically every 5 min

  • first functional support for wpc
  • new behavior for jingle / single: single stops background music, jingle pauses background music while playing
  • internal improvement / bugfixes

  • support for shaker sequences

  • Update package is split into two zip files: soundpack (only needed for really old versions) and (the normal update package).
    If you really need both update in two steps: 1. copy soundpack in update directory and rename it to reboot pi, 2. do the same with
    If you already had 1.08 or newer only step 2 is nessary.
  • added fade on music change. To use the new feature edit the sound set config.ini and add:
  • refactored music service requests
  • improved keyboard debug mode
  • move generalized readConfig to fileutils
  • change out format for test to tap
  • log can be disabled, added millis in timestamp

  • Bugfix: init of sample <-> channel mapping
  • Bugfix: ducking by sample type
  • new master config in /data (“raspisound.ini”):
    • control of startup sounds:


    • control over memory pool (preloaded samples)

      sample_pool_size=<size in MB>     # normally not needed

  • support for more than one sample per id (random selection)

  • ignore 255 cmd for data east
  • include cmd 0 (zero) as sample no

Download RasPiSound Firmware updates: Snapshot / RC Builds

If you need the complete Firmware Image, please find the image product in the shop.

Download in general

Binaries for tools and firmware can always be found on my bintray account.

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