The new colored version for stm32 controllers requires a registration.

If the controller is not activated you will see the activation number right in the startup screen:DSC_0049x

The color will run up to 3 minutes without any activation key and then showing a registration request:DSC_0048x

To receive an activation key, simply send a donation of minimum 10$ (10€) for our charity project. Just use the donation button on the right and be sure to use a valid email address and include to controller number as shown above (in this case #4C0041000B5145).

You will receive the key by email and then simply copy the key file to the sd card and rename it to godmd.key.godmd-serial

You can also see the serial number of your controller card on the web configuration page.


Currently // receives all our donations. Its a non profit organization that help children in Karlsruhe city hospital, that are ill with cancer.

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