The new colored version for stm32 controllers requires a registration.

If the controller is not activated you will see the activation number right in the startup screen:DSC_0049x

The color will run up to 3 minutes without any activation key and then showing a registration request:DSC_0048x

To receive an activation key, simply send a donation of minimum 10$ (10€) for our charity project. Just use the donation button on the right and be sure to use a valid email address and include to controller number as shown above (in this case #4C0041000B5145).

You will receive the key by email and then simply copy the key file to the sd card and rename it to godmd.key.godmd-serial

You can also see the serial number of your controller card on the web configuration page.


Currently // receives all our donations. Its a non profit organization that help children in Karlsruhe city hospital, that are ill with cancer.

3 Antworten auf Registration

  1. PIN2DMD
    I wanna use pin2dmd editor to display godmd clock. from windows as a screensaver…ish
    I get error in pin2dmd – Editor: USB error 3: Unable to claim USB Interface: Access denied ( Insufficient permissions )

    Also have a stm32F407vet6 with lcd but cannot get it to start on firmware. using dfuse and dfuse converter for bin to dfu. any suggestions?
    Can boot into dfuse stm and see the device in dfuse. but when reset it only goes into default..

    I bought two godmd licenses but cannot boot image on my stm32F04VET6.

    Best Regards
    Patrik Immerstein

  2. Tony sagt:

    hello, i paid for license but no answered??? is it normal?

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